ISO20000, the ITIL3 killer PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dick Costeris   
Wednesday, 02 July 2008 16:33

Let's be honest. From a merely theoretical point of view ITIL version 3 is a blessing. Compared with the stale collection of Best Practices known as ITIL2 there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. For those amongst us who for convenience's sake have limited themselves to the delivery and the support set (and thus ignored that other two metres of ITIL books), finally attention is payed to crucial aspects as service strategy and design. Above all huge emphasis is put on continual improvement of service provisioning and therefore of the underlying processes. In short, finally (lasting) quality for the customers of the IT services.


But does the light at the end of the tunnel perhaps belong to the headlight of the approaching train? The ISO20000 Express? For who needs ITIL3 if he can guarantee the quality of his IT services by applying to the ISO20000 game rules? A worldwide acknowledged quality system that is for a large part based on ITIL version 2, but has all the necessary ingredients to achieve high-value service provisioning. Including continual improvement.

So organizations, be aware. Without disinvesting in your current ITIL2 implementation the shortcomings of ITIL are nullified by adopting ISO20000. I predict ISO20000 to have a glorious future in the service management field. A future where customers can have tested independently the service provisioning of their suppliers. Finally, value for money!


ITIL3, rest in peace. 

(translation of a blog entry on the Computable Beheer forum, April 7th, 2008)