Killing KPI's PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dick Costeris   
Wednesday, 02 July 2008 17:12
Of course you know them yourselves. Organizations that have come to the insight that they are not in control of their IT management. And who are therefore tightening the ropes by formalizing their IT management activities.  Everything is written down at work instruction level so that everyone exactly knows what when to do. And to see if everything goes as planned, things are measured. Every little process is abundantly equipped with performance indicators (KPIs) so that one can gain insight in the current activities at each desired moment.

But what happens? All the improvement efforts show little or no effect, resulting in a lot of displeased faces. Although people are working in a  more structured way, one is insufficiently able to apply corrective action when things go wrong. Strange, one would say, because so much attention was paid to theperformance reporting.

A simple fact appears to be ignored.  The large amount of information coming from the performance indicators is too much of a burden for the management. They can't tell the forest for the trees anymore and are therefore not able to react adequately on the (voluminous) KPI reports.

Today's motto is: it's better to navigate with few KPIs than drown in a sea of measurement results. Adjust the number of KPIs to the maturity of the organization and restrain yourself in your urge to report.

(translation of a blog entry on the Computable Beheer forum, December 13th, 2007)